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Planning and hosting a party is not easy; however, there is that sense of fulfilment at the end of the day – especially when everything goes the way we wanted. Admit it! In the process of planning, we have that inner desire to please not only our self or the celebrant, but most of all the guests.

So, you already know the date, venue and theme of the party. You have sent out the invitations, informed your friends about the dress code, ordered the cake, booked the caterer, the emcee and the DJ. Do you know what’s missing to make a lasting impression? The throne chair!

Different Types of Throne Chairs

While they come in various kinds, sizes, and colours, all throne chairs serve the same purpose. In the olden times, these chairs symbolize power. Nowadays, they signify elegance. This is why more and more people book the services of throne chair rental in New York. These people know how a sophisticated piece of furniture can significantly bring the ambience of the venue into a whole new level as far as it’s concerned.


The overall mood of any wedding is romantic and serene by nature. The perfect addition to beautiful flowers and gorgeous scented candles is a white throne loveseat with either gold or silver trim placed right at the centre of the stage. For a classier feel, you can also opt for a throne loveseat with canopy. Remember that the throne loveseat is where you and your partner will be seated throughout the reception; and you, as a couple, are literally the centre of attention. Don’t fail to have that ow factor’.


Renting a throne chair is perfect for debuts and quinceaneras. While a debut celebrates the girl’s 18th birthday, a quinceanera is a celebration of a girl who is turning 15. It is a common celebration in Latin American countries.

Throne chairs ideal for these celebrations is those that come in different colours like pink, light blue, fuchsia, or purple. Your daughter will certainly feel like a princess sitting in a chic masterpiece from throne chair rental New York.
Stag Parties: If you think throne chairs are only for women, then you are wrong. In fact, a throne chair could be a unique addition to your upcoming stag party. By definition, a stag party is a celebration intended for a man who is about to get married. How amazing it would be to have a royal send-off!

There are royal blue, burgundy, and black throne chairs with gold or silver trim.

They would surely make a perfect choice.
With many throne chair rental stores to choose from, picking which one to hire will be a tough choice. Nonetheless, you have to always consider your needs first on top of everything.

Make sure you pick a throne chair that fits your personality without breaking your bank. Moreover, remember that unparalleled customer service is what separates the best from the good. In throne chair rental New York, we can assure you of that!

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